Subaru has staked its reputation on safety. From liberal use of high-tensile steel and a unique ring-shaped chassis structure to using advanced technology to avoid accidents, Subaru's focus on safety has earned it top ratings by all national ratings boards in North America.

EyeSight is the newest safety system from Subaru. EyeSight employs stereo video cameras to recognize hazards and respond when necessary - stopping accidents before they happen. In a 2014 analysis, IIHS rated Subaru's EyeSight as "Superior" for frontal crash protection. The same system also provides advanced adaptive cruise control, which is a major convenience for highway commuters. And, because this is a Subaru, EyeSight works ideally in all climates and weather conditions.

Consumer reports rates Subaru higher than other manufacturers in performance, comfort, utility and reliability (source: Forbes). Industry lease valuation giant ALG names Subaru as the leader in residual value. Then there's the IIHS, who rates Subaru as a "top pick" for every car Subaru makes. No other manufacturer can claim that distinction. Together all these fact build a story of exceptional value for Subaru vehicles. These are cars that will be with you for a long time, and if you do chose to ever sell your car, you can be assured they will retain exceptional value.
All-Wheel Drive

Every Subaru sedan, wagon and crossover sold in North America features Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive for superior traction in all climates and conditions. It's called "symmetrical" because the engine and the transmission are laid out symmetrically, which improves power and balance.
There are several different all-wheel drive systems available on Subaru vehicles, from a 50:50 torque split on manually-equipped Impreza models, to the most advanced torque vectoring systems on automatic-equipped Legacy and Outback models, to the race-ready yaw-sensing system standard on the WRX STI. Regardless of which model you chose, you'll get an all-wheel drive system that is solid, reliable and ready for anything.
Boxer Motor

Every Subaru sold in North America features a unique boxer motor. What makes this engine design unique is the pistons are laid out horizontally. This enables the engine to sit lower in the chassis than V or Inline designs. The benefit is a lower center of gravity, which improves handling and driver response, a benefit proven time and time again through Subaru's domination of rally sport competition around the globe.

Subaru offers its Boxer engine in a variety of configurations and sizes, including 2.0 and 2.5-liter naturally-aspirated, turbocharged and hybrid designs. Whether you're running in the heat of competition, or running the kids to school, Subaru offers a boxer designed to meet your needs.

Subaru popularized the crossover segment with the original Outback. Today, they continue to be a trendsetter with vehicles that are just as comfortable in the forest as they are in the city.

Much of their popularity stems from their versatility. Subaru wagons feature enough room to make an SUV jealous, with the added benefit of high-performance All-Wheel Drive. This makes them just as much fun to drive as a sporty sedan, yet ready to tackle forest roads at the drop of a hat. It's that level of versatility that goes into every Subaru sold.